Coach Sophia

Hi, I’m Sophia. I’m from Taiwan and I had lived in Singapore for 8 years before moving to Cambodia in 2015. I’m a CrossFit Level One Trainer and I coach at CrossFit YiQi.

I have loved sports since I was young--practicing ballet, skating, and track. I played basketball in secondary school and was on the volleyball team in university, where I studied Physical Education. However, it was only after the birth of my second child did I decide to become a sports professional. Yes! I have two kids and the younger one is only learning to walk.

After my second baby was born, I told myself “a mother can be fit, too!” My only goal after his birth was to get back in shape. So I did some self-training--running, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), and free-weight training. I also became a MetaFit HIIT Training coach.

I heard many friends talking about CrossFit (honestly...I had no clue what it was). Out of curiosity, I did some research, attended the free-trial session, fell in love with it and signed up for the classes immediately. I love CrossFit because of the variety. It doesn’t only focus on strength, it also helps in improving mobility, flexibility, power, and coordination. All in One!

Before CrossFit, I didn’t really dare to lift the barbell because I was afraid of getting injured. In CrossFit, the coaches taught me the correct movements and techniques, which made me feel safe and gave me the courage to do it. I did it and I felt so happy seeing myself progressing. I also realized how passionate I am about fitness and I wanted to become a coach to help other people who want to get fitter.

For me, CrossFit is not just an exercise, it’s a lifestyle that makes me healthier and stronger. Most importantly, I feel we are like a family, we support each other. Although the workouts are tough, everyone is always cheering each other on. It’s fun and amazing!

Come and join us to work hard together, to sweat together, and to laugh together. You will love it!