Coach Lyda

Hi there! Lyda is here! I am a coach at CrossFit YiQi.

After graduating with a Bachelors’ Degree in Professional Communion in 2012 and a Masters Degree in International Business in early 2016, I still had no idea what I  should do for a career! Luckily, I found myself really into fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I had started working out in 2015 but didn't realize that I was so passionate about it until one day when my former coach asked me to be a coach and take fitness seriously as a career.

I am currently taking the Personal Trainer course at American Council of Exercise and am getting myself ready for the CrossFit Level One Trainer certificate as well. Besides fitness and exercise, I am also in love with food and cooking! I am trying to make these loves more challenging by eating healthy with sufficient nutrition that supports my training performance.

Why fitness?

I used to be bullied as a skinny girl at school. All I wanted was to put on more weight and get stronger but things did not work out for me until I found CrossFit. CrossFit completely changed my life by defining for me exactly what fitness is.

I have changed my diet to a healthy one, exercise regularly and sleep more. You would not believe how much I have changed! A hint, they can no longer bully me as a skinny girl.

Why CrossFit?

More than just going to a class and completing the exercise, CrossFit is a community. I have made a lot of friends from different parts of the world and it is an amazing experience when we all go through a WOD altogether, cheering for each other because we leave no one behind.

Why coaching?

I find joy helping others work towards their goals, reach their potential, overcome their injuries, lose weight or bulk up, all while gaining strength and flexibility.


I am a CrossFitter, so all I do daily is to cook, eat, train, sleep, recover and repeat!

A personal quote, “Start today, and be awesome tomorrow.”