The YiQi Open

The YiQi Open 2019 is our passionate and fine touch of The CrossFit Open 2019. The Open consists of 5 workouts spread across 5 weeks. In 2018, over 429,000 people participated worldwide.

The Spirit of the Open is the same as YiQi’s principle--Leave No One Behind.

You’ll have the ability to contribute to a team every single week no matter your score. Go above and beyond in your spirit or performance and you can contribute even more. Most importantly, it’ll be the highlight of fun and community in our home gym.

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Suitable for all fitness levels. Challenging and fun workout every session. Bootcamp workouts do not incorporate heavy strength training.

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YiQi Academy

It is 6 sessions over the course of 2 weeks to familiarize yourself with all of the movements you will see in our CrossFit classes.

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CrossFit is a world-class strength and conditioning program. It's designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.

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CrossFit YiQi LOGO

The YiQi Mascot

In Chinese, YiQi, pronounced yee-chee, means togetherness. The CrossFit YiQi logo personifies the uniqueness of our fitness center with our mascot, the Yi qi--half-bird, half-dinosaur discovered in China. The mascot is rendered in Khmer art style to symbolize the arrival of the world-renowned CrossFit Fitness onto the Cambodian scene. The black color represents the high-intensity workouts of CrossFit, while in contrast, the lime green gives a fresh, healthy feel to the atmosphere of our CrossFit YiQi center. Our motto, “Leave No One Behind”, embodies our most important principle: the spirit of fellowship one will feel immediately upon joining the community.

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