CrossFit YiQi

CrossFit YiQi is a fitness center in Phnom Penh that is gaining popularity among fitness lovers and enthusiasts. It is also featured in a wide range of online resources.


iOne is a diversified group of companies that focus on major industries, such as those engaged in retail and brand distribution, venture capital investment, and property development and management. iOne featured CrossFit YiQi on its website, promoting the studio as its division focusing on the fitness aspect. The studio’s logo and mascot are featured on the page, resembling the coming of CrossFit into Cambodia. The YiQi mascot is described as a half-bird, half-dinosaur creature that was discovered in China.

Also, the studio’s principle, “Leave No One Behind”, is also said to embody the principle of iOne. It is clear that the company upholds the value of spiritual fellowship that individuals will feel as soon as they join the community.

Remote Fit

Remote Fit is a website that talks about CrossFit all around the world. It provides information about CrossFit gyms worldwide and valuable insights about the fitness regimen. The site is a valuable tool for everyone who likes CrossFit.

Chosen CrossFit gyms are reviewed individually on the site. You can find information about the location, equipment, even transportation going to such place, as well as facilities available for the clients.

On the page, it lists and reviews CrossFit YiQi. According to the site, YiQi is not merely a yoga studio, but also a CrossFit gym. The review also includes information about mobility classes that are held there. The owner of the YiQi is said to be passionate about CrossFit and is devoted to introducing fitness to the local population and the entire community. is an online sales portal where you can specifically schedule fitness classes and trial sessions with the CrossFit YiQi studio and gym.

You can also come up with a class plan on the site. There are also choices for sessions that you can check on. Apart from one trial class in YiQi, there is also a CrossFit class for everybody who wants to engage in such fitness regimen. This class is suitable for athletes who travel and those with CrossFit training experience at any of the CrossFit affiliates worldwide.

You may also request for some personal services through the same site. It’s important that you attend the free trial class for you to know better about the program, the coaches, and the gym and studio.

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