Calisthenics Series: Handstand

Martin Kendrik handstands at CrossFit YiQi
Martin Kendrik handstands at CrossFit YiQi

CrossFit YiQi will be hosting a series of Gymnastics / Calisthenics skills workshops with Dr. Martin Kendrik. Martin is a hand balancing specialist, gymnastics, trampoline, and acrobatics coach with 19 years experience teaching in the UK, USA, and Cambodia.

The first course will be “Handstand basics: Learning a handstand” and is open to anyone who can already kick up to a handstand against the wall. The aim of the course will be to learn a freestanding handstand and the basics of handstand walking and pirouettes. The course will be 4 x 1-hour sessions on consecutive Tuesdays, 19:30-20:30 on the following dates: 22nd Jan, 29th Jan, 5th Feb and 12th Feb 2019. This will be held at CrossFit YiQi.

The course will cover the following material:

  • Day 1: Introduction to and preparation for handstands – Beginner drills, body positioning, conditioning exercises, and biomechanics theory
  • Day 2: Learning a handstand – Safety, basic gymnastics, developing confidence and developing the form
  • Day 3: Moving towards a freestanding handstand – Advanced balancing theory
  • Day 4: Training handstands – Training techniques, handstand walking, pirouettes and introduction to the advanced handstand course

The cost of the course is $60 and is limited to 12 participants on a first come first serve basis. A YiQi member with a CrossFit monthly membership valid through the course is eligible for a 50% discount, subject to GM’s approval.

For more information, you can contact Martin Kendrik at drkndrk at or +855 (0) 704 75 407.

Head Coach Duane
Head Coach Duane

Spending time practicing gymnastics and perfecting bodyweight movements will translate to being a better all-around athlete. Whether it’s handstands, muscle-ups or L-Sit holds, gymnastic movements always share common movement patterns. I would recommend Dr. Kendrik’s 4-day handstand course to all YiQi athletes who want to get specialized instruction from an experienced gymnast.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!