YiQi – CrossFit


With an empty bar:

5 x 5 bear complex

Load 5kg or 10kg plates:

5 x 5 barbell ab rollout

Finish warm-up with 1 bear complex


Tall Kneeling Arm Raises

– Start in a kneeling position, sitting with your feet under your butt.

– Lift your hips as you raise your arms straight up overhead.

– At the top, you will be in a “tall kneeling” position with your arms straight up.

– Make sure to really open up the shoulders in that top position, but don’t arch the back.

– Move in and out of the stretch 5 times and then hold for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds and repeat.

Barbell Roll-out


Handstand Push-ups (EMOM for 10 minutes)

One set of handstand push ups

(Progressions include handstand holds and inverted push ups from a box)

Score the best round


Metcon (Time)

5 rounds for time:

10 power cleans (61/43kg)

35 double unders (or 20 attempts)
Use a weight that lets you do small sets in the first few rounds and fast singles in the later rounds; about 60% of your max should be appropriate.

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