YiQi – Bootcamp

Leave No-one Behind! CrossFit/BootCamp as One!


4 Rounds (in pairs):

6 Med Ball Thurster Passes

6 Med Ball Behind the Head Passes

6 Med Ball Side-Twist Passes

6 Med Ball Sit-up Passes


1 min x Wall Glute Stretch (each leg)


6 Rounds:

20 sec V-Ups, 10 sec Rest

20 sec Seated Med Ball Twists, 10 sec Rest

20 sec Med Ball Sit-ups, 10 sec Rest

20 sec Super Man, 10 sec Rest


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

250 KB Swings

In teams of two, one person performs Kettlebell Swings while the other runs 300m. Teammates must tag up on the KB after every run.

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