YiQi – CrossFit


3 rounds:

30 jumping jacks

20 m walking lunges

20 m Crouching tiger (alternating side lunges)

10 burpees


Banded rack stretch (1 min/arm)

2 position ankle stretch(30 sec/position)


EMOM of a complex of:

1 squat clean and 2 front squats

1 squat clean plus 2 front squats (EMOM for 10 minutes)

Start with about 50% of your 1RM front squat and add weight through the ten minutes aiming for a heavy complex.

(If the clean is caught in the power position, hips above parallel, finish with a squat plus 2 more squats)

Score heaviest successful complex.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 9 minutes:

30 double unders

6 power cleans

3 front squats
Use about 65% of your max power clean; fast singles should be the most manageable strategy.

Scale for DUs – 60 single skips.

(Suggested max for the bar – 61/43 kg)

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