YiQi – CrossFit

Coach Duane’s Birthday


3 Rounds:

20m Crab Walk

10 KB Swings

8 Squat and Pull-over

8e Samsun Stretch (2 sec hold)

6 Ring Rows

6 Dips on Box


1 min of Pec Lacrosse Ball Smash against wall

30e sec of 90 degree arm Pec stretch against door frame or pull-up station

2 Rounds of:

30 sec Bottom of Box Dip Holds (elbow bent, butt close to box)

30 sec Bottom of Box Dip Holds (arms straight, butt not close to box)


5 Rounds:

:20 Ring Support Hold

:40 Rest

:20 Hollow Hold

:40 Rest


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds – For Time

20 Alt One-Arm DB Power Snatch

20 Alt Lunge Steps (walking)

Buy out – 33 Jumping for Joy Jacks because it’s Coach Duane 33rd Birthday
– Aim for DB weight of approx. 20% of body weight

– 1 lunge = 1

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