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Warm-Up (adding weight to FS):

500m Row

8 Front Squats

:30s Pigeon Stretch

5 Yoga Push-ups

8 Front Squats

:30s Ankle Mobility

1 Wall Walk

8 Front Squats

Jane Fondas

8 Glute Bridges (L+R+Both)

1 Wall Walk


– Banded Lat Stretch

– Table Tops


Every 3:00 x 4 Sets:

5-7 Front Squats @ 70%+ (climb if you’re feeling good)

5-10 Strict HSPU or 5-10 Ring/Bar Dips

*Approx. 40-60% of your Max Strict HSPU. If you’re unsure, you can test yourself on first set. Try to finish in 1 (or 2 quick sets).

Front Squat

Handstand Push-ups



Test! This should be fun, but not easy!! Cheer each other on, help each other out

2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row
RACE PACE: you need to have a goal in mind. My goal of a 6:40 finish gives a 1:40/500m split. So after my sprint start, I need to settle into a 1:40 pace. This leaves a 1:41 or 1:42 pace in the middle (if you start faster).

FROM 500m -1300m: you probably want to stop. The lactic acid is starting to build. You’re sweating, breathing hard. It sucks. But it’s ok. It’s not going to get any worse. Tell your brain to nevermind and focus on your breathing.

YOU’RE ALMOST THERE: with about 700m to go, it’s time to get serious. Don’t let your pace go slower. Dial it back in. Don’t deviate from race pace.

FINAL 500 METERS: Don’t sprint just yet. We still want to keep it at race pace. Focusing on long arms and long legs.

SPRINT FOR THE FINISH: For the final 300m we want to start going faster. Our stroke rate might increase by one or two. Try to get under your race pace by one split. With 200m to go, try to get under your race pace by two splits. At 150m, everything you’ve got!

YOU’RE DONE: don’t collapse on the floor just yet! Try to keep your composure. Stay on the erg and slide back and forth for a minute. Try to flush out some lactic acid.

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