03-01-2019 YiQi Bootcamp

YiQi – Bootcamp

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Buy-in 200 m run

2 Rounds

10 PVC Pass through

10 Air Squats

10 WGS

Coaches Choice

Skills & Strength

New Year New Test

12 Minutes

(2minute Max Test)

With a partner

Max Push-ups

Max Sit-ups

Max Air Squats

Partner 1 will do the movement for 2 minutes

Partner 2 will count and encourage partner 1


Will repeat until all three movements have been done by both partners.

This test will be useful as we bring in the new year. This is a great opportunity to gauge our skill level at the beginning of the year as well as throughout the remaining 12 months.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


15 min AMRAP

Partner 1:

– Row 500 m

Partner 2: AMRAP

– 15 DB Thrusters

– 10 DB Hang Cleans

– 5 Burpees

Partner 1 will row 500 meters, while partner 2 does AMRAP. Both switch after partner 1 completes 500m row.

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