02-11-2017 CF (Water Festival)

YiQi – CrossFit


Wall-Ball Tennis (in pairs of two)

– Games played to 3 points

– Winners stay on court (depending on the number of teams)

– Non-winners must serve a penalty of 4 Man Makers


– 1 bounce only per side

– Allowed to catch without bounce

– Thrower must complete 1 burpee after every throw, 1 point penalty if failed to do so before playing the ball again

– Can not throw med-ball at the face of the person doing a burpee


Metcon (Time)

Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD – 5 RFT

1. 40 x Overhead Plate Lunges

2. 40 x KB Swings

3. 40 x Pull Ups / Ring Row

4. 40 x Box Jumps

5. Run 400m

One person working at a time, while your partner:

1. O/H Static plate hold

2. Static Wall Squat Hold

3. Dead Hang on Bar (if space available)

4. Alternating Box Jumps Together

5. Run Together

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